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91% of S in professioanl, scientific and technical services fail in their first year.

"The greatest number of SME births (13,820) and deaths (12,590) in one year occurred in professional, scientific and technical services"
Figure 2.3-1: Births and Deaths of SMEs, 2013

-Small Business Statistics, Government of Canada

So how will Nobellum actually help your business grow?

According to Small Business Statistics published by the Government of Canada, 91% of Canadian companies fail in their two years of business, specifically companies specialized in professional, scientific and technical services. Why?
We did some digging and this is what we found.

What we discovered is most companies actually have great ideas however they fall short on having a strong business or revenue plan to guide the company. We also noticed that funding is not easily accessible if you do not know where to look.

Lastly, the screening process to enter an incubator programs is very tough. Only 4-7% of applicants get in and they be earning att least $10,000 in monthly revenue before you can qualify as a start up!

How are we different?

We will work with you from inception to commercialization. At Nobellum, we select teams based on their ideas and its potential in the marketplace. We do not expect our innovators to already have a functioning business with revenue.

Our Unique Value

We aim to support start-ups by filling the gap and providing access.
Our program is cost-effective and gives everyone a fair chance to compete for an opportunity to bring their idea to life!

Fair Screening Process

Our screening process is open to over 40 teams, all you need to do is fill out our online application to get started.

During the months leading up to the innovathon, you will be given a set of challenges. Your hard work and ethics will determine your entrance into the competition.

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Unlike other incubator programs, we will help to connect entreprenuers with tech experts. Finding a team with the right skills required can be extremely difficult and why most start-up ideas fail to materialize. Thats not all!

We will give innovators an opportunity to compete with other teams. This will help to refine your project and turn it into a business pitch.

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Market Access

Our Innovathons will provide each Innovator Team with easy access to the marketplace.

They will pitch their project to our panel of seasoned judges and receive the opportunity to meet with investors. Winners will be given the opportunity to compete on a global scale at our Annual International Innovathon.

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