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Innovator Launch

June 2020

Our first stop is Toronto, where we will launch the Innovator Program. The June 2020 Innovator Launch will be hosted in Toronto, Canada. It will attract some of the most powerful leaders, entrepenuers and venture capitalists in the world's most diverse and multi-cultural city.


Networking Dinner

Nobellum's networking dinner will


Divide details about your product or agency work into parts. Write a few lines about each one. A paragraph describing a feature.

Innovator Program

Divide details about your product or agency work into parts. Write a few lines about each one. A paragraph describing a feature.

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Global Presence

Our mission is to ignite a new wave of innovation and leadership amongst millennials across leading global cities such as Toronto, London and Atlanta. Our events is desiged to inspire inclusivity for women and people of color who are breaking boundaries and setting trends.

Innovator Program

Like hackathons, an Innovathon is a highly-structured competition for future leaders and entrepreneurs to introduce their ideas, methods or devices. Our in-house innovator program offers young entrepreneurs the chance to test their ideas and meet our influential panel of technical experts and investors via an annual innovathon competition.
Every year our innovator program brings in a new pool of via our annual Innovathon Competition

Step 1: Innovathon

Search and screen candidates for the best ideas

Provide a platform to compete and showcase their ideas

Step 2: Financing

Opportunity to work with grant writers, business developers and venture capitalist.

Secure funding

Step 3: Product Development

Connect protege with network of subject matter experts in project management and software development

Step 4: Commercialization

Bring business to market and provide ongoing sales and marketing support

Market Access

Innovathon Competition

Where innovation comes to life. A 1-day intensive experience for innovators to design, test, and market their ideas to the world. Whether you are a guest or participate, you will not want to miss this. The innovathon is one-of-a-kind launching in three global cities.

Submit Your Idea

Sign up below and give us as much detail as possible about your innovative idea and how you plan to approach it

Compete With Your Peers

At our Annual Innovathon, you will have the opportunity to compete with other innovators in the Junior League. If your idea is selected as the winner, you will be invited to come back the following year to compete in a Finalist Competition with other winners from the Junior League the year before

Showcase Winning Ideas

At our annual Gala, we will invite the winners to showcase and market their product to an audience of up to 1,000 guests and possible investors

Find more about our gala...

Get Started Today

Sign up today to enter in our Annual Innovathon where you will get the opportunity to collaborate with our professionals and entrepenuersat our innovathon platform.

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