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About Us

The company

Founded in 2020, Nobellum is a social enterprise dedicated to carving out a space in the technology industry to increase diversity and inclusion for Black & Indigenous People of Colour.

Our founders pooled their resources to strategize for socio-economic upliftment. By amplifying the voice of the community, we have collectively identified the shortcomings that the Black community face in regards to entrepreneurship.

With the support of our community and partners, our mandate of supporting 100 Black owned businesses by 2025 is just the start for the tangible change to come!



Our vision is to inspire a generation of leaders, educators, and professionals to collaborate as we define the future of innovation and science. As technology redefines the world, Nobellum will be leaders in breaking the stigma of Black professionals in the tech realm.

Although entrepreneurship is at the forefront of our program, we also want to put emphasis on transferable skills that will prepare Black professionals for leadership positions.


Encouraging the Black community to participate in our global ecosystem. By encouraging the notion of being “global citizens'' we would like to create ways in which we can encourage B2B transactions on a global scale. This in turn will create a circulation of wealth through Black owned businesses.


Nobellum will implement their National Economic Development Program to create greater opportunities for Black businesses in STEM. We will be hosting Innovathons that promote STEM among BIPOC youth. We aim to foster a cohesive B2Bnetwork for the youth that will create jobs, provide access to education and empower graduates with business-oriented career opportunities.


Over the next 5 years, we will support the start-up of 100 Black-Owned companies in the IT industry. We aim to do this by cultivating an ecosystem of incubators and accelerators for tech startups in the BIPOC community.

This mandate is designed to promote jobs for the youth, empower graduates with career opportunities and begin the process toward building generational wealth.

National Economic Development Program

an ecosystem for Black Founders in STEM

Nobellum has created an Economic Development Program with the aim to uplift the Black community socioeconomically. Nobellum will encourage innovation, education and means of funding through our 3 channels of Impact:


Our innovathon is a pitch competition where young professionals will showcase their ideas for a chance to win between up to $20,000 for their startup venture. New Black owned businesses shall be created.

Innovator Bridging Program (IBP)

Our pre-innovathon registrants will be given a taste of entrepreneurship by participating in our workshops. These workshops are facilitated by Nobellum partners that come from educational, corporate and grassroot backgrounds. Those who win the Innovathon will be enrolled in a series of IBP workshops which will teach our new Black Business owners business planning, marketing, technology and commercialization; the essentials of entrepreneurship. Our IBP deliverables will ultimately result in a portfolio for the new businesses to use within our network of accelerators and incubators, as well as the ability to seek funding beyond our reach.

Nobel-Hub App

Our Nobel-Hub app will serve as a directory for our innovators to shop for essential business services that have been vetted and selected to be a part of our digital community. The prize money will be held in a trust account on our mobile ledger. This is to encourage B2B transactions between the new Black owned businesses and existing professional services found from the Black community.

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