Business Community for Startups

We aim to support start-ups by filling the gap and providing access to top of the line incubator and accelerator programs.

Our program is cost-effective and gives everyone a fair chance to compete for an opportunity to bring their idea to life!

Where to Start?

In order to apply for the Innovator Bridging Program, you must first compete in the Innovathon Pitch Competition.

The Briding Program is a 12 months journey dedicated to turning your idea into a business and building partnerships a long the way.


You will be paired with a Business Strategist who will guide you every step of the way.

You will experience exclusive access to our Nobel-Hub community of Black Business Service Providers and Consultants.
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Market Access

Our Innovathons will provide each Innovator Team with easy access to the marketplace.

Winners will be given the opportunity to compete on a global scale at our Annual International Innovathon.

4 Simple Steps

Our bridging program is designed to get as many Black-Owned businesses into world class Innovator Programs

Step 1


We will provide a platform for pariticpants to develop and showcase their business idea

Step 2


Win up to $20,000 to cover your business development cost
and explore funding opportunities.

Step 3


Connect with business service providers at Nobel-hub for your
branding, marketing, taxes, apps and more.

Step 4


Hit the floor running with a strong support system and community of businesses behind you!