Code of Conduct

Updated 2022-07-08

Code of Conduct and Professional Expectations
The broad principles set out in the terms and conditions are intended to guide participants of the Innovathon, Innovator Bridging Program, workshops and events in actions and decisions and to provide a tool to enhance understanding of the wide policies and standards that govern the work done at Nobellum.

This policy outlines the behaviors expected of all participants,sponsors, partners, volunteers and staff regardless of position or rank and also defines behavioral standards and infractions in accordance with internal, Nobellum and/or provincial procedures, policies and legislation. This Policy summarizes and provides links to the many pieces of legislation and policy governing participants but not limited to:

Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions

Queries related to Nobellum's code of conduct should be directed to the [email protected]

The Code of Conduct and Professionalism - General conduct
As participants, sponsors, partners, volunteers and staff of Innovathon there is a professional responsibility and requirement to agree with the following code of conduct. Organizers will enforce this code of conduct before, during and after the event. We expect cooperation from all participants to ensure a safe environment for everybody.

Our Innovathon is dedicated to provide a harassment- free experience for everyone regardless of the following: Gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientaion, disability, disbility, physical apperance, body size, race, ethnicity, nationally, religion, previous hackathon / pitch attendance or lack of, computing experience or lack of, chosen programming lanaguage or tech stack.

We do not tolerate harassment of Innovathon participants or the event in any form. This includes the following: Social media, or any other online media.

We do not tolerate behavior that vilifes, defames, degrades or humiliates our organization (Nobellum) and behaves in an unproductive manner that interferes with participants' wellbeing, and educational opportunities. Any of the above will be considered in violation with our code of conduct.

Innovathon, Innovator Bridging Program, workshops and event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from our events and programs at the discretion of the Innovathon organizers.

The Code of Conduct and Professionalism - Expectations
As participants of the Innovathon, there are professional responsibilities and requirements to attend Nobellum events.

Pre-Innovathon events are a series of events that aim to connect innovators and co-founders that take place before the Innovathon pitch. Innovators are highly encouraged to participate in these events as they provide networking opportunities and help them to better position themselves for the Innovathon Pitch. Innovators are highly encouraged to participate in the Pre-Innovathon workshops. The purpose of the workshops is to prepare participants on the expectations and submission requirements for the Innovathon pitch. All mandatory deliverables that are highlighted during our Pre-Innovathon workshops must be submitted prior to the due date that will be predetermined by Nobellum representatives. Submissions will not be accepted past the deadline. Prior to the Innovathon, all teams that have been invited to the event must submit their Pitch Decks in which they will present a minimum seven (7) days prior to the showcase. In the event of any changes that occur, innovators will be notified through Nobellum's website

A minimum of one (1) team member must be physically present in order to ensure their spot within the Innovathon Pitch event. The representative of the start-up must be on the event grounds at least 1 hours prior to programming. If one (1) representative from the Innovathon participants is not present, they will be automatically disqualified unless an event organizer has acknowledged otherwise. The Innovathon award prizes are housed in the Nobellum True Blue Accelerator Fund and will be The funds will be distributed by The BRIDGE / Department of Management upon completion of program requirements.

Upon completion of the Innovathon Pitch, the award recipients must participate in the Innovator Bridging Program (IBP) in order to gain access to the award prize. The award recipients are required to provide an updated budget that alligns with the award prize amount. Innovators are expected to register and set up their Nobel-Hub account. The use of funds must be tracked on NobelHub's order history to ensure accuracy and accountability. The receipt of the award prizes are contingent upon achieving milestones in the Innovator Bridging Program and any unspent funds would have to be refunded to Nobellum Enterprise within 30 days.

All 10 startups that pitched during the Innovathon will have the opportunity to voluntarily opt into the IBP. All teams that opt into the IBP will be expected to actively participate and attend the sessions. Winners of the Innovathon should understand that they are given an opportunity to take part in the 6 month series of the Innovator Bridging Program (IBP) workshop and 3 months IBP transitioning support offered by Nobellum in addition to the prize funds received for their venture.

Dress code
The Nobellum dress code is applicable for all Nobellum related events, and required for all participants, sponsors and attendees to abide by for the duration of an event. This policy is to provide all in attendance to dress in a way that adheres to a business casual structure. We at Nobellum recognize that everyone has different interpretations of business casual and urge all in attendance to refer to this link for a clear guideline for expectations for the Innovathon.

Personal appearance is a reflection of Nobellum and it is important for all in attendance to dress appropriately based on the activity at the Innovathon. For example, attire worn during the pitch competition should remain business casual, attire worn during networking and meetings with other attendees should also remain business casual.

The following are examples of appropriate business attire:

● Men: Jacket, long-sleeved dress shirt, tie and dress pants.
● Women: Jacket, blouse, dress pants, skirt or dress Casual Attire Participants may dress in casual attire, unless attending client meetings or other events which require business attire to be worn as described above.

Casual attire should always be professional and respectable.

The following are examples of acceptable clothing:

● Jeans, khakis, dress pants
● Blouses, sweaters
● Collared shirts
● Dresses, skirts
● Blazers and sport coats
● Dress shoes, loafers, flats, dress boots, casual/athletic shoes
● Dress sandals for women

Inappropriate Work Attire
The following are examples of inappropriate work attire:
● Revealing, tight fitting or transparent clothing, including tops and dresses with spaghetti straps
● Tank tops, crop tops, off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder shirts
● Clothing associated with physical activity including sweatpants, sweatshirts, and shorts of any kind
● Cargo pants, overalls, spandex or any other unprofessional-looking pants
● Excessively short skirts or dresses, beach attire, sundresses
● Clothing with offensive language and/or graphics
● Torn, dirty, frayed, ripped or cut-off clothing of any kind
● Dirty/torn athletic shoes, work boots, flip-flop sandals, beach shoes, or other unprofessional-looking footwear.

The decision to dress in business or casual attire is based on a variety of factors. In all cases, participants are expected to use their best discretion and if there is any doubt, guidance should be obtained from the Nobellum team.

Those who wish to partake in Innovathon activities must dress in appropriate attire. Business casual and professional attire are welcomed. The organizers of the Innovathon reserve the right to remove participants that are not dressed appropriately and according to this code.

Disclaimer: We encourage participants to refer to the Ontario Human Rights Commission policy below and to contact [email protected] with further inquiries.