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Innovathon Competition

Connect with technology professionals, create a prototype and pitch your idea at our Innovathon.

We will connect you with potential investors, partners and organizations to bring your business to life.
We strive to develop and expand partnerships to support black businesses that are in the start-up phase.

Connecting Global Communities

Our Unique Value

We believe in practical training, this is why we invite all our participants to engage in workshops leading up to the event. Our workshops are designed to prepare you for the competition while encouraging for personal and professional development.

Fair Screening

Our screening process begins with your application so make sure you provide as much information as possible.

The top 40 teams (2-4 participants each) will be invited to participate in 2 virtual workshops prior to the Innovathon event.


At each worshop you will be asked to build a deliverable to be used in your presentation at the Innovathon Competition.
By the end of the workshop, only 16 teams will be moving forward in the competition. Consistency and collaboration will determine your entrance into the competition.


Our Innovathons will provide each Innovator Team with easy access to the marketplace and opportunities to meet with investors.

Winners will be given the opportunity to compete on a global scale at our Annual International Innovathon.

Register in 3 Simple Steps

The Innovathon Competition is free for all participants!

Fill out the form

Tell us about yourself and the type of project you have in mind.

Get Paired Up

We will use our algorithm to pair you with a tech or business professional

Compete for $20,000

Are you destined for greatness but don't know where to start?

Retail. Construction. E-Commerce. Fashion. Nutrition. Clean Energy.

All industries are welcome. We are all apart of the digital community!

Submit Your Idea

Sign up and give us as much detail as possible about your innovative idea and how you plan to approach it

Compete With Your Peers

At our Annual Innovathon, you will have the opportunity to compete with other innovators in the Junior League.

Showcase Winning Ideas

At our annual Social, we will invite the winners to showcase and market their product to an audience of up to 1,000 guests and possible investors

Be The Change

Take the Pact. Buy Black

"A dollar circulates in Asian communities for up to 28 days, in Jewish communities for nearly 20 days, in white communities for 17 days and in Hispanic communities for 7 days. Yet in the Black community, a dollar circulates for only 6 hours”

- Maggie Anderson, author of The Empowerment Experiment