You are invited to join us on July 9th & 10th, as we kick off the Nobellum Innovator Program at the University of Toronto Scarborough with our very first annual Innovathon Pitch. You can participate in the competition or watch as a guest!

National Economic Development Program

3 Channels of Impact


Have an idea? Want to make that idea into a business? Get connected with our community of Innovators to join our Innovathon pitch competition! You will have the opportunity to win up to $20,000 for your start up. Winners of our Innovathon will be enrolled into our Innovator Bridging Program that will teach you how to make your business sustainable!


Our Innovator Bridging Program (IBP) is a series of workshops that spans 6-9 months teaching our winners of the Innovaton essential business skills. Our innovators will learn Business Planning, Marketing, Engineering and Commercialization through an Afrocentric lens.


Our Nobel-Hub is your one stop shop for all of your business needs. We have created an application that connects our Innovators with Black owned essential business providers. Our Nobel-Hub features a Black Business Directory and is used like an e-commerce store. Feel connected, feel support and make change!


Register online

Fill out our short registration form (approx 3 mins) to become a member of our Black Digital Community. This is your ticket to our pre-Innovathon workshops "Skills Building Series" and potentially win up to $20,000 in start up funds!

Pitch competition

Our Innovathon is our pitch competition. This is your chance to illustrate why your business idea deserves to receive startup funding. Have the opportunity to present your pretotype (preliminary prototype) in front of an advisory committee that will critique the feasibility of your project.


There is no experience needed to join our pre-innovathon workshops! It is your opportunity to prep for our Innovathon pitch competition, showcasing your business idea. Nobellum will pair you up with other innovators that will compliment your existing skills. This in turn will provide a comprehensive team that will have the ability to create a new successful startup.

Award Prize

Win up to $20,000 in prize money to fund your business. The innovators that win the Innovathon will receive 15% in cash and the rest will be placed in a trust account on the Nobel-Hub app. The remaining funds will be overseen by a financial advisor that will assist you in making strategic choices regarding services you will need to grow your business.

Dream big…now dream bigger! You have the chance to bring your ideas to LIFE. By registering for the Innovathon you will have the ability to create and fund your own business venture. Connect and network with other innovators to support our community. Are you ready to be a part of The First 100?

Innovator Bridging program (IBP)


Nobellum's Innovator Bridging Program consists of 30 workshops over the course of six months. These workshops will train entrepreneurs on essential business skills needed to grow, lead and scale a business. The workshops are broken up into four core sections comprised of business planning, marketing, engineering and commercialization.


We have moved to an era of businesses being technology dependent. We will pair you with an engineer and provide you with the basic skills you need to thrive in this new digital economy. Websites, mobile apps, web applications and robotics are all opportunities to ensure that your company will be a step ahead in an already competitive global market.

business planning

The business planning section will prepare our cohorts in designing their business plan, revenue model and organizational structure. Our innovators will also gain insight on which business tools are needed for a tech startup to succeed.


At the commercialization stage, we will support the startups in desiging their go-to-market strategy as they prepare to enter the business marketplace.


Our Marketing component will support our cohort to validate their market and understand their competition. We will focus on graphic designing, consumer outreach, and brand aesthetics to identify ways to make their brand more appealing.


We know how import it is to be able to summarize all of this into a professional portfolio to submit to a potential partner, client or invest. That is why all our Innovators will leave with a portfolio. As they go through our IBP, they will have deliverables that will create an extensive portfolio that can be used to pitch for funding within the Nobellum Community and beyond.

Successful participants of the IBP will be enrolled into the Innovator Bridging Program for a chance to transform their idea into a business. We are gearing up to support 100 businesses by 2025. Register for the Innovathon to be a part of The First 100!



The Learn & Earn Canada seminar is an initiative for students and professionals from the international community to see opportunities beyond their borders. By collaborating with education consultants, immigration lawyers and employment recruiters, Nobellum showcases the variety of different paths that our global community can take in order to collaborate and contribute to the Canadian market.


Our partnership with education consultants allow Black professionals, primarily from Africa and the Caribbean, to find ways to bolster their education by enrolling in the numerous academic disciplines that Canadian institutions have to offer. From undergraduate degrees to post-graduate certificates, international students will have the ability to get the guidance needed for this type of investment.


With education comes immigration. Many international students look for ways to permanently stay in Canada. With Canada’s growing needs for young professionals to fill out our labour force, our seminar participants will have the ability to learn different streams of immigration. Whether it be applying for a Post-Graduate Work Permit or by receiving permanent residency through the experience class, our partnership with immigration lawyers and consultants can give you the guidance you need.

Employment recruiter

Many of our newcomers need a place of employment. Nobellum partners with headhunters to support job placement when our community is looking for opportunity. A resume is all you need to get placed in applicable positions.


At Nobellum, we will be delivering workshops in collaboration with our partners to support Black Founders in STEM

Want to be a part of our ecosystem?