Services available to participants of our Innovator Bridging Program

As a participant of IPB you will be connected to our diverse hub of professional companies specialized in Business-to-Business services.

Our network is service-based.
Everything you need to start your business is right here at your finger tips

Business Planning

We will help you get your company registered, refine Your Product or Service by developing a business model and revenue model that will turn your passion into profit.

Technology Development

Need a website, mobile app or CRM? We have experts for all your technical needs, everything from block chain to machine learning, we can provide

Project Financing

We work with grant writing agencies that do not charge an up-front fee. If your idea or business model qualifies, we will work with you to get funded through

Accounting & Tax Preparation

Whether you need help with auditing or filing annual taxes, our team has the resources and experience to manage finances and taxes in a wide variety of industries.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

When bringing new products and services to market, we assist clients with building their online presence using providing proof of concept and innovations.

Legal Advice

Unsure of how to draft service agreements or contracts? Our legal experts will help you protect your Intellectual Property and prepare patents.

Let's Work Together

At Nobellum our goal is to groom you into the perfect applicants for world-renowned accelerator programs

"The greatest number of SME births (13,820) and deaths (12,590) in one year occurred in professional, scientific and technical services"
Figure 2.3-1: Births and Deaths of SMEs, 2013

-Small Business Statistics, Government of Canada

Why do we need an IT Bridging Program in the Black Community?

According to Small Business Statistics published by the Government of Canada, 90% of Canadian companies fail in their first two years of business, specifically companies specialized in science and technology. Sadly, these numbers are much lower in Black communities. Why?
We did some digging and this is what we found.

What we discovered is most companies actually have great ideas however they fall short on having a strong business plan and revenue model to guide the company. We also noticed that funding is not easily accessible if you do not know where to look.

Most tech start-ups now adays get their push from Incubator or Accelator Programs. But have you ever seen their requirements? Only 4-7% of applicants get in. Most require that applicants show financial stability and monthly revenue of $10,000! Wow.
It is fair to say that the screening process to enter an incubator program is very tough.
That is where we come in. Our purpose is to fill this gap by connecting technology and business professionals to compete at our Innovathons.

How are we different?

We will work with you from inception to commercialization. At Nobellum, we select teams based on their ideas and its potential in the marketplace. We do not expect our innovators to already have a functioning business with revenue.