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The company

Founded in 2020, Nobellum is a non-profit social and technology enterprise dedicated to carving out a space in the technology industry for Black founders in STEM.

We are a community of Black and Indigenous People of Color who believe that the time to break into the tech industry is now.

Together, we are building an ecosystem to usher in a new era of Black-owned businesses in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM).



By 2025, Nobellum will launch at least 100 Black-owned startups in STEM.


To connect.

To innovate.
To fund.


To create a safe space for Black youth in tech & entrepreneurship.

Where tech meets non tech.

National Economic Development Program

3 Channels of Impact


Annual Innovathon pitch where young professionals will showcase their ideas for a chance to win up to $20,000 in startup funds.

Innovator Bridging Program (IBP)

A series of workshops to train, mentor, and incubate aspiring entrepreneurs. Winners of the Innovathon will participate in a series of workshops where they will learn how to grow their idea in to a business. Our workshops will cover the essentials of entrepreneurship and include sections on business planning, marketing, technology, commercialization and professional development. Workshops will be delivered by partner institutions and grassroot community organizers.

Nobel-Hub App

The Nobel-Hub app is a digital ecosystem of Black owned businesses. This ecosystem will offer support, services and mentorship for the participants of our programs.

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